Blue Beats Wireless Headphone is expert enough to connect with all types of media gadgets. Whether you want to enjoy TV or enjoy music on the go, this headphone is a must-have. Top-quality Bluetooth with the ability to allow users to enjoy music and watch movies or videos anytime without hassle. With high-quality performance, V4.0 Bluetooth technology installed in B-26 Blue Beats wireless headphones creates the user’s life comfortable by all means. Linking to Bluetooth wireless headphones is easy as well. It possesses a high-range capacity that allows the user to connect from far ranges up to 10m/ 360 with quality sound output. The 40mm speakers produce high sound with quality sound output. The small easy buttons attached to the headphones are for manual use. It is also equipped with a 3.7V/250mAh battery that works for up to 8 hours.


Brand Audionic
Item model number B-26
Bluetooth The built-in V4.0 Bluetooth technologies with EDR Compliant allow the user to any Bluetooth-enabled device easily.
Drive Unit It's a 40mm, well-designed Speaker
Receiver Range It holds a high-range capacity of up to 10m/ 360 with quality sound output.
Operation Voltage It is equipped with 3.8V to 4.2V
Bluetooth Device Input The Bluetooth device can be connected to a TV through an Aux port.

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