YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) Y Live Intense Men EDT – 100ml

Y LIVE, Eau de Toilette Intense, a new interpretation of Y Eau de Toilette. An intense and vibrant fragrance for a man in search of thrill with a creative spirit.
From the backstage shadows to the light of the spotlight, Y LIVE Eau de Toilette Intense encapsulates the few seconds of excitement before an accomplishment.
The new Y LIVE Eau de Toilette Intense is an intense and vibrant fern, worked in chiaroscuro. This new interpretation combines the luminous thrill of Orange Blossom Absolute with the carnal and dark intensity of Cocoa Absolute, always enhanced by the olfactory signature of Y: the freshness of Geranium Absolute.

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Product Description

The Y LIVE bottle takes up the sleek silhouette already imagined by Suzanne Dalton for Y Eau de Toilette and Y Eau de Parfum, a bottle she describes as an “expression of purity”, crossed by a Y-shaped metal notch. For Y LIVE, the bottle is adorned with a new gradient effect where the luminous transparency of the base intensifies into midnight blue at the top of the bottle. This creation ingeniously imitates the dual structure of the juice it houses, and elegantly describes the rise to power of a concert. The crescendo of expectation. The escalation of excitement.

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